Quick Corned Beef Hash


The country club in the town where I grew up served an awesome brunch.  Every time I went there I would get corned beef hash.  The corned beef hash was not that minced mush looking stuff you get at some restaurants or out of a can.  They used big roasted potatoes, fresh corned beef, and eggs over easy.  The first time I had it I was hooked!

A few nights ago we made a corned beef (you know, the kind that comes in the meat case with the seasoning packet).  Surprisingly both kiddos loved it!  We will certainly be making that again.  When I was thinking about how to use the leftovers, corned beef hash came to mind, so we had brunch for dinner.

One word: delicious!


  • Tator tots, cooked according to package
  • Leftover corned beef, reheated
  • eggs, over easy


  1. Cook tator tots, reheat corned beef, cook eggs over easy.
  2. On a plate put tator tots, top with corned beef, top with eggs over easy.

Quick Corned Beef Hash:


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