Chocolate Tasting Notes: Endangered Species, Dagoba, Valor

buy authentic isotretinoin online In my continuing research on chocolate, I like to taste and score various chocolate bars. For scoring I used my “three Ts” — taste, texture, and toppings. Taste refers to both the overall taste of the chocolate and, if there are toppings, the chocolate part of the flavor. That’s why a bar can get a 2/5 for taste but only a 1/5 for toppings (the chocolate part of the flavor brought the score up.)

Endangered Species Chocolate Eco Rounds
Caramelized cocoa nibs in “exquisite” chocolate
Taste: 3/5. Good flavor but not strong. Slight roasted flavor.
Texture: 5/5. Melts nicely in mouth, nibs are crunchy.
Toppings: 4/5. Nibs contribute to both flavor and texture.
Purchased at: Fred Meyer

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Deep Forest Mint, 70%
Taste: 4/5. Good blend of chocolate and mint. Chocolate flavor very good.
Texture: 5/5. Very smooth.
Toppings: 5/5. Excellent mint flavor.
Purchased at: Fred Meyer

Dagoba Lavender and Blueberries 59%
Taste: 2/5. Lavender overpowers all else. Tastes like Grandma’s bathroom.
Texture: 3/5. Smooth but clumpy mouth feel, not much addition from berries.
Toppings: 1/5. Lavender is overpowering and lingers too long in mouth. Blueberries add nothing.
Purchased at: Fred Meyer

Valor Dark 70%
Taste: 4/5. Rich, bitter, strong.
Texture: 4/5. Good smooth melt in mouth.
Toppings: n/a
Purchased at: Cost Plus

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